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SERUM 1000 is a formulated solution containing surface active agents that enhances wetting. Enhanced wetting breaks surface tension to penetrate deep into the substrate of wood and other porous materials.

  • A Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner
  • Cleans Oganic Stains From Surfaces
  • Removes and Eliminates Odors
  • Removes Oxidation From Wood To Lighten Appearance
  • Does Not Contain Chlorine
  • Harmless To All Surfaces Not Harmed By Water
  • Biodegradable
  • Degrades Into Water and Oxygen
  • Foams On Contact With Organic Matter
  • Boils Contamination To The Surface

SERUM 1000
reacts with organic matter generating and releasing large quantities of oxygen. This reaction generates profuse foam that boils, to the surface, organic stains and other contaminates from deep within the porous material, for removal later. This reaction also occurs with oxides on surfaces such as wood, thereby brightening the appearance of the surfaces. The brightening process is a much slower process and may take up to 1 to 4 days to complete.

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the-eliminatorSERUM 1000 brings all contaminants to the surface for vacuuming with HEPA filtered vacuum equipment. After vacuuming, our process yields clean brightened surfaces free of organic stains and other contaminants. The best method of application of SERUM 1000 is by airless sprayer. This will allow maximum coverage in the least amount of time, saving labor costs compared to other hand wipe methods of stain removal on the market today. The application of SERUM 1000 does not generate and/or leave behind hazardous chemicals, does not harm inanimate surfaces not harmed by water and does not leave anything behind to gas off into the interior environment after drying.

Product Manual

Safety Data Sheet

Our Serum System was used on Extreme Make Over – Home Edition March 11, 2007 on a house in Lake Arrowhead, Ga.

The newly constructed house stood for over 14 months unfinished because of family tragedy.
The front foundation did not have a french drain to divert water. Water ran under the front footing and was trapped in the crawl space by the back foundation wall. There was no vents in the foundation to exhaust the moisture. Moisture intruded from the sides and top of the structure as well.


As a result of these conditions, the crawl space was really filthy and ultimately filthy throughout the interior of the house.

The house has two 2700 sq. ft. stories with bonus rooms in the cathedral ceiling and a 2700 sq. ft. crawl space. Total area for remediation about 42,400 sq. ft. of sprayable area and only 24 hours to accomplish the job! The job was finished in less than 21 hours with no return of unsightly stains or objectionable odors. Oh and the house was totally uncontained the entire time during cleaning and testing!!! The house had no windows or doors installed yet.


Keep out of the reach of children. Do not ingest. When not in use, keep container tightly closed. Do not dispose of unused portions into water ways, creeks, rivers, estuaries or oceans. Do not reuse empty container. Proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): use full face mask with filter cartridges such as 3M 60926 or equivalent, full body protection suit with head and foot covers, chemical resistant gloves and boots, tape at the wrist over suit and gloves to prevent unwanted exposure to the product. Change air filter cartridges at manufacturers recommended frequency. Discard body suit after one use. DO NOT REUSE BODY SUIT.


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